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What we can do for you
With at least 100 new titles published every day, most of the publishing companies are now focused on getting the highest number of authors in order to get from them the highest share of their net revenues*. Others leave 100% of net revenues to authors but charge in exchange fees so expensive that cannot be economically viable if an author has only one or even a few books to be published.​
In both cases, the services of these types of publishing companies end exactly when your work requires most of the support that only a publishing company can offer with its expertise.​

The result of these approaches is seeing your book disappearing within the mass of those already present in the market.

At Vyiha we do not believe that a standardized publishing process can be applied to every author. This is why, further than standard services already offered by other publishing companies, our focus is in offering tailored services to each author. If you wonder, our services do not have any fee.

​​​*net revenues = revenues after the discount applied by digital distributors, usually 30% of total revenues​​
​​We want authors to be fully focused on what they do best: writing. We will take care of all the rest.

We offer our expertise in the following tailored services:
- Initial evaluation of your work
- ​Consultation on your progress
- ​Translation
- Promotion in different channels depending upon the language of the book​​
- Promotional text creation​
- Website and Social Media promotion​

On top of those services, we will also offer standardized services such as:
- Comprehensive copy-editing and proofreading
- Cover design
- Lay-out design
- Final copy-editing
- eBook conversion
- Printing file preparation
- ISBN assignment
- Distribution in more than 70 online retailers​
- Web release with distribution
- Monthly sales reports organized by distribution channel​​s

​​​​​​In a few words, our offer means that:

Standardized Services +
​​Tailored Services =
​No Costs for you​

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What makes us different
We do not ask for any expensive fees to access our services. Publishing is not a service that can be bought off-the-shelf and then adapted to any author. At Vyiha, our team work together with authors sharing costs and benefits along the way.
Publishing Services
The way we work
​We may find you. You may find us. However the first contact takes place between us, you have the full access to our services since the very beginning of the project.

​Either you already created your work or not, weevaluate it and offer you a sincere feed-back on its potential. When decided to work together, we help you in the copy-editing and proofreading of your work.
​We take care of the advanced editing work and suggest you possible changes. Once the content is ready for the publication, we translate it, we format it in a template we decide together and we prepare it for the distribution to our agents in different countries.
​​We also help you in position your book in the market through offering a reference price after having considered both the nature of the work and the demand that it may generate.
​We assign an ISBN to the book and start the follow-up with the stores to make sure your work has a major visibility within our network of digital distributors and libraries.
This is the stage in which you should expect the highest levl of help from our side. We start a promotional campaign using different channels such as search engine rankings, social media services and other tools such as blogs and e-zines.

​Leveraging upon these different channels, we make sure to reach the major number of readers for each language we have published your work. You can check the popularity of your work within 3 weeks after our official release announcement in our website.
​We collect and share with you the net revenues from the copies sold in each distribution channel depending upon the revenues sharing agreement we decided together. As a reference, the percentage of the revenues shared with authors working with us currenlty varies from 10% to 50%.
But wait! Revenues made by all eBooks, books and any other type of media used in the future to dsitribute your work are also shared with you!
On top of that, since we translate each work in at least 3 languages, this means that for every work you publish with us, you get the revenues of at least 2 additional works for free!

Publishing is not a one-size-fit-all business. As you read the following steps we identified within our publishing process, please keep in mind that each step will be tailored to the need of each author.
We do not force you to use any specific software or tool to prepare your work. Whichever way you choose, we work with it.
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​​Still having doubts on whether we can be the solution you were looking for?
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Any doubt?

Because of policies standardized by some of our online retailers, works published with Vyiha tend to be priced in the range of 2.99 - 9.99 USD. If we forecast a high demand for your work, we suggest strategies to price the book higher. In any case, you always take part in setting the final price of your work.

Further than our unique approach to the publishing business, there are several other reasons you want to consider to choose us as your partner for successfully publishing your work.
As these considerations are often overlooked by most people, we suggest you to read carefully the 4 points we believe make us different:
We do not work with one one distributor only because we do not want your work to be locked-in with policies outside our control. On the opposite, we keep looking for new distribution channels on top of those we have already identified so that to reach the highest degree of distribution for your work.
We do not publish books on any topics. Our expertise is on health wellbeing and travel stories. This stands at the basis of our commitment to deliver reliable and verified information to the readers of our books.
​​​​​​​​In a few words, our revenue sharing program means that:

(Net revenues on eBook +
Net revenues on book +
Net r​evenues on other media) *
Number of languages in which your work is translated =
Total Net Revenues*

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