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Thank you for stopping-by
Hello, and nice to meet you. We are glad you are taking some of your time to read about us.​

If you arrived at this page, chances are that you are an author in search of help to transform your idea into a book. We believe you found what you were looking for!

​Vyiha is a publishing company created by experienced authors who appreciate the difficulties of making a book successful.
What we believe publishing
is about
When we work with you, we always keep an eye on our values. As we use them as our point of reference in our daily activities, you can be assured on our commitment in accompany you and your work throughout the publishing process.
At Vyiha we believe that publishing should be about:​
We only cover topics we know about and where we can therefore help authors in better tailoring their works
We truly believe in trust. Trust can only be achieved through a sincere transparency in the way we operate. Our relationship with authors is based on this simple but important point
We are committed to take our authors completely out of the tediousness of the technical details characterizing the publishing process
However you turn our logo,
​it stays the same
We wanted to convey the idea that Vyiha is made by people who work hard to understand the needs of authors and to make sure they are eventually satisfied at the end of each project.
The way we achieve this goal only is only making sure authors working with us achieve theirs. While in working together we have different roles, we are aiming nonetheless towards the same target which is having your book reaching the highest number of people.
We are not a book farm
​​​We do not believe in "the more, the better", but rather in "the better, the more".
This belief has an important impact in the way we ​operate in the publishing business: we are not driven by the number of authors working with us but on the success we help them to achieve while working with us.

We acknowledge the fact that all authors are different and, as a consequence, we work closely with each of them to understand the potential and the best way to make their works successful.
In addition, we only publish works related to health wellbeing and travel stories.
As these two are our major areas of interest, we are confident we can help authors in these fields throughout the whole publishing process, from the editing and review of their manuscripts up to the promotion of their works.

​This is because​ we believe that authors can be really helped only with an attentive and an ad-hoc follow-up on their work.
As your book required a great investment of your time and energy, we are sure you do not want to throw away all what you invested so far by leaving your work in the anonymous mass of books already out there. You want to make sure your work will receive the expected recognition that it deserves.

​You may be at the beginning of your work or be ready to publish it.
Whichever is the stage you reached in your book, we understand the challenges you may encounter going forward and we are here to help you in the process.
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