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What is Vyiha?
Vyiha help independent authors to publishing their work making their content available to digital retailers and libraries within all available regions and territories. Vyiha only publishes works focused in the areas of health wellbeing and travel stories. As our collaborators costantly grow in number, we do not exclude we will soon start to enlarge our focus on other topics.

How does Vyiha work?
Our process is very straightforward. We may start working with you since the  beginning of the creation of your work.
Because your work will be distributed around different regions of the world, we will make sure to have your content translated and copy-proofed before starting the distribution.
You set the price for the work done (we tend to price an eBook between 2.99 and 9.99 USD but in cases we forecast a high demand, we help you to position your product at higher price).
Our designers take your work and turn into an eBook that can be read on every reading device - Kindle, iPad, Nook, Sony Reader - and a file ready for printing.
​While it will take about 2 to 3 weeks for your eBook to be up for sale at Amazon, Apple's iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and other digital local retailers, the printed version of the book will be available already after 5 business days.
We will then collect your net sales (Net sales = Revenues from distributors – Sales Tax and/or VAT – Retail % on wholesale distribution (usually 30%) – Vyiha % for services) from the online retail stores and libraries. A few days later, Vyiha will pay you every last cent.

How does Vyiha promote my work?​​
We use several tools and techniques to make sur eyour work is ​successful. From search engine optimization to the use of Social Media, we make sure that your work has the necessary visibility whithin our network of our digital distributors and libraries. Such detailed follow-up is possible thank to our several partnerships with agents.
How does Vyiha make money?
Simply by partnering with you by selling the work we prepared together. Our percentage on net revenues covers the promotion costs of your work and the cost of our small team.

How do I contact you if I have some works I want to publish?
Simple. Click here and let us know about your project!

How much does Vyiha keep from my sales?
This really depends on the demand we may forecast for your work. In general, we share with you up to 50% of the net revenues from the content you created and 10% for the same content translated. While this may seem low at a first glance, take in consideration that we translate each work in at least 2 different languages. That means you will always have 3 products for each work you decide to publish with us!

How can Vyiha offer such a revenue sharing program without charging any fee?
As each work published is translated in different languages with some of them being printed, we require from you the release of all the rights on the work. In the same moment you agree with this passage, we enter in an agreement that allows you to receive a share of revenues from the sales of any media your work is published now and in the future. Being athours, we understand what this exchange entails for you. Unfortunately, to overcome the limitations that each country has in terms of copyright assignment and usage, we found this as the most viable solution.

What is an ISBN? Do I need to supply one?
An ISBN uniquely identifies an eBook or a book among the other available titles sold. Each version of a product (e.g. eBook, book) must have different ISBN. When you work with us, we always assign ISBNs for you. As such, you are registered as the author, while Vyiha is  the publisher of your work in the retail sites and libraries around the world.
Pricing and Payments
What are your fees?
Vyiha does not charge any fees but it gets a percentage out of the net revenues of the products we created together.

How do your payments work?
When you first sign the agreement with us, you communicate a payout amount. This can be as low as 30 USD. Once we owe you that amount, we'll issue a payment the following Monday. You can choose to be paid via bank transfer (please consider fees that your bank may apply to the transaction) or through PayPal (best choice).
How long does Vyiha take to report sales?
Once the eBook and book are up to sale at the retail sites and libraries, it will take approximately 45 to 60 days after the end of the month for any sales to show up. This period of time varies by store and depends entirely on how quickly stores report their sales to Vyiha. Even if Vyiha does not have any control on this factor, what we can ensure you is that as soon as we get sales reported from the retailers and libraries, they will be immediately consolidated and sent to your contact. When your account has reached the payout amount that you have selected, we will send then out a payment to you via the method that you have selected.
eBook Conversion
What are your file conversion criteria and delivery turnaround times?
As we will need to edit the content and apply a layout to it, we like your work to be the most basic as possible, such as a text file. As soon as your project is ready for delivery for printing and for distribution to digital retailers, we will inform you via email.

Can you better explain me the format conversion?
The majority of eBook retailers require the work they sell be delivered in the EPUB format. Amazon uses instead proprietory formats.
In case of printing, usually printing companies want either a PDF or a DOC format to work with. Preference varies.
As such, we always prepare 3 files for each work we publish.

Should I try to convert my own files into EPUB or other formats?
We prefer not to and this is why. EPUB conversions are not as straightforward as you may have read. A few hiccups always happen in the conversion process and that requires eventually to enter in the EPUB file and manually change the parameters of your work. Vyiha has the scope to avoid authors to focus on tasks different from writing, especially those extremely technical. That is why we always prefer to take care of this very important step in the process on our own.

What are the file formats you will accept for EPUB conversion?
These are the formats we accept:
- Word (.doc, .docx)
- Rich Text (.rtf)
- Text file (.txt)
- PDF (.pdf)
- InDesign (.indd)
- Pages (.pages)

When eBooks and books show up in the stores?
Each retailer (digital or library) operates on a different schedule. The show up time will vary by a few days either way. You can use the following summary as a general reference guide for this topic.
- Amazon Kindle and Apple iBookstore: 2-4 business days from when we deliver the eBook
- Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo, others: within 3 weeks from when we deliver the eBook
- US and UK: within 2 weeks from when we deliver the file to the printing company
Images and Cover Design
Can I insert graphic elements (photographs, illustrations, artwork, charts, graphs, tables) in my work?
Of course you can.Vyiha can convert all the graphic elements included in your work. Graphics must be submitted separately from your book in any of the following formats:
- .png
- .jpg
All images should be:
- Up to 600px tall
- Up to 550px wide
For eBooks, all images must be RGB only (CMYK images are not accepted and cannot be delivered to the digital distributors) and their definition be set at 72 ppi.
As for books, we will convert the images to the CMYK space and we will accept resolutions up to 300 ppi.
One important note regards the use of tables in eBooks. We try to avoid tables because of their unclear organization when visualized on a tablet compared with the amount of time they require to be transformed. If you have tables in your work, we prefer therefore to transform them in images before preparing the file for publishing.
Does Vyiha offer eBook cover design?
Yes, this service is within our scope of work for our authors.
Download eBooks files from
I'm interested in one of your eBook shown in your store but I'm not sure which file I should download. Can you help me?
When you want to buy a book from our store, you will find two types of file for the same book. This is due to the fact that, while most tablet can read EPUB files, Kindle is based on proprietory file types that require specific extensions. At the moment, we offer the extension .MOBI among those but, as continues to evolve, this extension may change in the future.
eBook Retailers
What are the digital retailers you will distribute my eBook?
The list of digital retailers we work with is continuosly updated. As for now, we partner with:
- Apple iBookstore
- Barnes & Noble Nook Store
- Sony Reader Store
- Kobo
- Copia
- Stealth (Italy)
As some of these retailers partner then with other local distributors, our distribution network is much wider than the names listed above.​
If you are interested in a specific country, please send us an email stating "Distribution" in the Subject line. ​
What languages can my eBook and book be written in? In what countries will my work be available?
Currently we accept works written in the following languages:
- English
- German
- Italian
- Spanish
- Japanese
Please keep in mind that, giving the fact that Vyiha is based in the Hong Kong S.A.R. and sells globally, our communication language is English.
Sales Report
Where I can check my sales?
Authors publishing with Vyiha will receive a monthly sales report showing the number of eBooks and books along with the total net revenues divided by retail stores. Please, keep in mind that the first report will be sent out from 1 to 2 months from the submission time. This is due to the time needed for retail stores in starting to track the sales of the new eBook or book.
I know I've made a few eBook sales lately. How come they're not showing up on my sales report?
Each retail store reports sales – and sends payments – on its own schedule. In most cases they are different from one another. In general, an eBook or book sold in the current calendar month will not show up on sale reports until 60-90 days following the end of the same month.
Where Vyiha sells my work?
While our major markets of reference are North America and Europe, we also distribute your works in major Asian(except China) and South American countries.
Our list of distributors is constantly changing and you can check this page for the most updated one.​
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Be always careful when choosing the file to download. If in doubt, please send us an email mentioning the tablet you own.
In addition, please refer to the guide of each eReader for downloading electronic file bought at into your tablet.​
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