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Postures in Yoga
A​ guide
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by: Friederike Baum

The Yoga poses outlined in this book will help the students at a beginner level to start practicing Yoga while will direct the more advanced ones to fine-tune their technique. By presenting each pose in the form of an easy-to-use card, the author has made a great effort to communicate her experience so that it can be easily understood. The book is filled with over thirty photos as well as instructions and suggestions on how to get the poses properly done. Some of the postures are basic, others are more advanced so that the book can accompany the students in different stages of practicing Yoga. As the author has done extensive researches on the importance of breathing while holding poses, a chapter is dedicated to breathing techniques with the intent of applying this knowledge not only during the Yoga practice but also in the life of every day.
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ISBN: 978-988-13004-1-6
Publishing date: December 2013
Language: English
Pages: 80

The author
Friederike Baum is a German Yoga instructor specialized in Kundalini Yoga since 2003. After having received the certification for Kundalini Yoga Teacher, she worked with several Yoga studios throughout Germany until 2009, when she opened her own studio in Shanghai, China with other two Yoga instructors. Further than continuing her training in Kundalini Yoga, she has been studying a vast array of breathing techniques with the idea of eventually using the most powerful ones for enhancing the Yoga practice.
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