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Natural spa
Ingredients and treatments
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by: Margaret Riley

Natural spa is a multi-purpose resource for spa professionals and consumers alike. Each part of the book presents an array of ingredients found in nature that are nowadays in use in the most famous spa around the world. The ingredients are organized by different treatments so that to guide the readers through the discovery of possibilities in their next spa visit. This volume gathered the material in an easy to read, easy to understand and user-friendly format.

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ISBN: 978-988-12241-3-2
Publishing date: March 2013
Language: English
Pages: -

The author
Margaret Riley is an Australian freelance journalist collaborating with several wellbeing magazines specialized in spas. Previously to start her career in journalism, she worked in some of the most famous Asian luxury resort spas, where she gained an in-depth knowledge of the most effective treatments used in the region. She lives in Hong Kong since 1996 with her husband and two sons.
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