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Herbal detox
Ease the load on your metabolism in natural ways
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by: Susan Taylor

Herbs are one of the most ancient ingredients used to detoxify, heal, and ultimately regenerate a weak body. The author presents an overview of the bodily systems and organs related to the detoxification processes in our body. She then suggest for each of the systems the herbs meant to strengthen each part. The book is completed by suggestions for setting up a general detoxification program along with a selection of dishes and beverages that will gently help the detoxification process. The appendices explain the most commonly found toxins in foods, air, water and beauty products.

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ISBN: 978-988-12241-7-0
Publishing date: March 2013
Language: English
Pages: 230

The author
Susan Taylor is a herbalist specialized in Chinese Traditional Medicine. She has been working as herbalist consultant for more than a decade after having completed her studies on Alternative Medicine. She currently lives in Beijing where she researches new methods that combine different Chinese herbs aimed at detoxifying the body.
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