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Heal your vision
Reverse nearsightedness with simple daily exercises
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by: Paolo Garizio

Based on his expertise accumulated in Personal Functional Training, Paolo Garizio presents his method "Vision Training" with the aim of helping those affected by nearsightedness to improve and eventually to fully regain their perfect vision.
The fast and effective approach described in the book is the result of insights the author tried on his own with the purpose of correcting bad habits that in time revealed to be the main root causes at the basis of a greater rigidity of the eye muscles and the ultimate cause of nearsightedness.
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Product details

ISBN: 978-988-12241-2-5
Publishing date: March 2013
Language: English
Other languages: Italian
Pages: 30

The author
Paolo Garizio is an expert in Personal Functional Training, a sector in which he currently researches to develop new ways of using physical activities as a therapy to improve not only physical performance but also elements related to the emotional wellness of his customers, such as self-esteem. He is graduated in Physical Education.
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